About Cassandra

Cassandra is a super activated starseed, and intuitive empath. She is here with the soul energies of the 12 God rays, The Illuminated One.  She is here to bring the vibration of 5D, 144K, Christed, Unity consciousness. She is very tied to Gaia as she is an ancient soul who originally helped seed our beautiful planet Earth. She holds the original divine human blueprint of the Blue Ray, the Anuhazi, Oraphim, the White Brotherhood. She is here to help all achieve their divine birthright through teaching spiritual knowledge, teaching balance and understanding of the body, mind, and soul integration.  
Her soul specializes in working through processional transitions and came back to this moment of ascension as a Master Soul, life path 11, with much Karma/family lineage to clear. While this work has been quite intense, it was through those experiences that Mastery was gained.  Her life has been one of overcoming. 
She was initiated onto the path of re-remembrance and enlightenment after a challenging 4 year dark night of the soul journey between 2015-2019 where she awakened to and dove deeply into occult, esoteric, astrological, and metaphysical studies while experiencing a complete tearing down of "self", otherwise known as the ego. This manifested in a complete destruction of her external world.   

Cassandra’s life purpose is to assist humanity through this age of transition. She is here to help humanity live their best human experience and bring heaven to Earth. She has learned to Master the body, mind, and integrate the soul.  She has experienced much duality in these areas of life in order to learn, understand, integrate, and teach. By soul design, as a Master Number 11, she has been intuitively led throughout her life.  She has never worked with a teacher or guide and has been mostly self-taught. She never fully understood her highly intuitive gifts and connection to the higher God mind until her dark night of the soul experience, where she was shown and led to all of this knowledge. The pieces of the puzzle were finally put together after an extremely challenging human journey.  Cassandra teaches health and nutrition via macro plans and specializes in weight training.  She spent numerous years learning, rewriting, and integrating her unconscious, shadow patterns of the lower human nature,  through techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, knowledge of Epigenetics, spiritual, and cosmic wisdom and knowledge and more.   The journey has been beyond challenging, but it was all for a divine purpose, which is why she shares so authentically and openly.  

Collectively, we are moving into the Golden Age through transformation and integration of our whole self:  our past, present, and future.  Our left and right brain, our conscious and unconscious:  our internal selves, our unconscious thought patterns and programming, as well as our external reality, societal beliefs and patterns, all while calling in our light, our truth (which is the integration of our soul).  It is through the development of the relationship with yourself and your creator that allows for solid foundations of personal integrity, morals, values, and spiritual connection with your own divinity that we will collectively usher in this beautiful new reality.
Cassandra uses many tools in her work including her BA of Psychology, HCI Health and Life Coach certifications, Quantum Astrology certification, Metaphysical Anatomy, EFT Tapping, Oracle and Tarot readings, NLP, affirmations, visualizations, yoga, nutrition, spiritual education and more.