About Cassandra


Welcome Cosmic OGs!  Thank you for using your precious energy to visit Rebel Humanitarians.  My name is Cassandra and I am a health, life, and spiritual coach.  I am passionate about facilitating the pursuit of happiness, peace, and self-actualization through teaching balance, understanding, and integration of the body, mind, and soul.  As science now proves, we are all interconnected, therefore when each human being is living in their highest energy, we all benefit, myself included...but it reaches far beyond that.  Our children, grandchildren, all future generations, and the cosmos are impacted by the choices we make, just as our ancestors before us.  

I specialize in the habit change method of coaching to solidify long-lasting behavioral change with my clients. I use numerous tools in my work including my BA in Psychology, motivational coaching, my nationally accredited Health and Life Coach certifications through The Heath Coach Institute, my Quantum Astrology certification, Metaphysical Anatomy, Oracle and Tarot readings, and so much more.

I have enjoyed learning the patterns of human consciousness and behavior throughout years of working with people from all culture and backgrounds and my eclectic personal experiences.  My professional experience in early childhood and family coaching, developmental therapy,  health and nutrition coaching, and human resources, have made me well-equipped to provide knowledge, tools, and practical solutions for almost any obstacle in your health, life, or spiritual journey. 

How did I arrive here?  I'd like to share with you a vulnerable snap-shot of my personal history:

My personal journey has been one of mastering each domain of my human nature, through healing trauma, pain, and personal beliefs. This has come with engulfing challenge, hard-work, and numerous failures, including  poverty, severe internal anxiety and chaos, depression, addictions, obesity, binge eating disorder, numerous life-imbalances, distorted belief systems, low self-esteem, self--sabotage, relationship and communication issues, and more. 

To further complicate my experience, most of my life I have had to overcome and endure alone. I almost always felt over-whelmed, burdened, misunderstood, and unsupported emotionally, financially, and physically by the people and situations making up my external environment. (There is so much more to this part of my personal journey.)  While these personal experiences initially led to further pain, they ultimately forced me to develop super-human resilience and will, self-love, boundaries, communication skills, knowledge, wisdom, awareness, intuition, perspective insights and so much more! In hindsight, solidarity was an essential aspect to my growth and evolution because I would not have learned balance or how to stand strong and independent within myself and my own belief systems if my experiences had been more supportive, loving, and harmonious.  I have been shown how everything serves a much higher purpose.   It has been quite the roller-coaster ride to say the least, but I have overcome by facing my problems, gaining knowledge and wisdom, and putting in enormous effort to change, which is why I am so passionate about facilitating others along their path.

I began to spiritually awaken in 2012, while I had always known that I possessed a strong intuition, was claircognizant, and was an empath, I did not deeply understand these concepts prior to 2012, which is when I began to see the numbers 911 (the lightworker number) hundreds of times. The process quickly spiraled from there.  My spiritual journey is too detailed to fully express here but I was led down a path of initiation and awakening.  I was on a quest for truth and knowledge.  During this process, I dove into numerous fields to study, such as:  human and cosmic history, etymology, numerology, astrology, physics, the occult and esoteric,  the physical body, numerous religions, and more.  I spent countless hours gathering knowledge, pondering and experimenting with philosophical concepts based around morality, integrity, sexuality, and various other aspects of the human experience.   
My psychic and spiritual gifts have expanded and strengthened since 2012 and they continue to do so.  I am very interested in how we can use our power to become the highest, greatest versions of ourselves. While I have a strong intuition and universal connectedness, in additional to my claircognizance, I would say that my greatest spiritual gift is the design of my mind, namely an intelligent, broad, insightful, and visionary mind. I can easily see the numerous "layers of the onion" that have contributed to the creation of each individual reality as well as our collective experience.  As an empath who has experienced numerous personal struggles and pain, I can easily relate to humanity through my personal experiences in combination with my mental abilities.  I know your suffering, pain, and obstacles.  I know what you can do to overcome them, because I have done it for myself.  I can readily see the light and dark sides of the human psyche and how it was developed.  I can easily see how humanity projects their egoic beliefs and experiences onto others and how that leads to division within the self, the family, the community, friends, and the whole collective. This can be rectified by conscious expansion and changed behavior and beliefs. 
I hold a vision of unity for humanity. l  hold an unconditional, nonjudgmental love of humanity.  Pain can truly turn to power. We have the potential to end suffering and create our individual and global experiences to reflect peace, abundance, creativity, passion, and harmony through the conscious effort of individually working to understand one's self, one's patterns, beliefs and actions, and globally by choosing leaders who are aligned with the unselfish vision of the betterment of all by initiating the structure and policy needed to evolve humanity.  
How great can you make your human experience?  How great can we make this planet??  It can be better when you choose to do the work!  I believe in a better human experience.